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My Approach:

My approach involves viewing people as individuals who have developed their own unique patterns to adapt and survive early in life which may limit them in the present.

While I am firmly grounded and educated in psychoanalytic method and theory, I also have expertise and will utilize, where indicated, short-term therapy, cognitive and behavioral techniques, relaxation training, and hypnosis for habit control/cessation.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is also utilized to facilitate the individual's resolution of trauma, past and present.

I provide an empathic, secure, and confidential framework for the therapeutic process to unfold within.

I am well versed in available medications as well as herbal remedies. Referrals for psychopharmacological consults are made if it is mutually agreed upon.

Wellness is encouraged through self-actualization in work, relationships, family, and physical excercise.

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